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January 7, 2022

From the Director's Desk:

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2022. The calendar flip finds the wood pellet industry managing through a lackluster winter all across pellet burning regions of the country. The PFI Index (now published on our homepage) shows slight improvement in accumulated Heating Degree Days in most geographies but still lagging long term averages. An artic air mass moved into Minnesota for the final week of the year and the forecast has a handful of days on it where the mercury will never climb above zero. Still, the entire state is lagging long term HDD averages, putting it right on trend with the rest of wood pellet land. 

The Pellet Fuels Institute has its work cut out for it in 2022 and a combination of factors outlined in this edition of the Pellet Wire make that clear. I’ve included a story in the Industry News section that should get everyone’s attention. On January 4th, the Times Union of Albany reported that a state council charged with the task of making the state carbon-neutral by 2050 is recommending that state codes be amended to prohibit the installation of heating appliances that burn fossil fuels. The story then goes on to note that the same council has also set its sights on wood combustion (including pellets) citing particulate matter. While the story clarifies that the council isn’t currently considering a ban on wood heat, the implications are nevertheless sobering. 

There is incredible momentum towards a decarbonization of our energy infrastructure and while those of us within the wood energy are well versed in the carbon benefits of wood energy, the Times Union story makes it clear that many groups spearheading the thinking on decarbonization approaches are either ignorant of the carbon benefits of wood pellets or remain unconvinced by the claims made by the broader wood energy sector. 

We are on the right side of the decarbonization ledger, but stories like the one printed in the Times Union highlight the folly of trusting the policy wonks to fully understand our industry, the value we add to the forest products sector and the carbon benefit of wood heat without help. 

We better get busy. 

The PFI Index

Heating Degree Days (YTD vs. norm)

Dec. 18, 2021

Jan. 1, 2022

Portland, ME

down 20%

down 18%

Grand Rapids, MI

down 22%

down 21%

Lewiston, MT

down 24%

down 15%

Harrisburg, PA

down 25%

down 26%

Rapid City, SD

down 20%

down 15%

Spokane, WA

down 18%

down 12%

Baker, OR

down 9%

down 8%

Wausau, WI

down 30%

down 23%

Youngstown, OH

down 23%

down 24%

Little Rock, AR

down 20%

down 29%

—Tim Portz
Executive Director

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Photo of the Week:

Fare Thee Well, Charlie: On Monday I received an email that I suspect many readers of the Pellet Wire also received. In the email Charlie announced that he would be stepping away from his day-to-day work in wood pellet advocacy. Like so many other professionals in wood energy, I count Charlie as a mentor.

Charlie has served as a tireless advocate throughout his career for the entire wood energy supply chain at both state and federal levels. He would argue this point but I’ll make it anyway. Any awareness of modern wood heating within Congress can be traced back to Charlie. That’s an incredible legacy and a mantle that must now be picked up and carried forward. Thanks for everything Charlie. 

Photo: Tim Portz

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