Joining the PFI Standards Program

The PFI Standards Program is a third-party accreditation program providing specifications for residential and commercial-grade fuel.

The American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) serves as the program’s accreditation body, providing program implementation and enforcement, as well as facilitating program enrollment.

Learn more about how to enroll in the program and view a list of participating mills.

Program Documents

There are three main documents that serve as the basis of the program.alt

Pellet Fuels Institute Standard Specification for Residential/Commercial Densified Fuel This document is the backbone of the program. It outlines the actual grade parameter test method requirements for densified fuels registered in the program.

Pellet Fuels Institute Residential/Commercial Densified Fuel QA/QC Handbook Provides quality control and quality assurance procedures for the production of residential /commercial densified fuels.

American Lumber Standard Committee, Incorporated, Residential/Commercial Densified Fuel Enforcement Regulations This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of the auditing agencies, the laboratories, and the oversight requirements of the Accreditation Body.

Questions? A fourth document, the Pellet Fuels Institute Residential Commercial Densified Fuel Standards Program, should be used as a supplemental reference tool. It outlines the roles of all program entities. Click on the table below to view the PFI Fuel Grade requirements.

Pellet Fuels Institute
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American Lumber Standard Committee
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