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October 2, 2020 

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From the Director's Desk: Producer Urges EIA to Include BBQ Pellet Data in Monthly Densified Biomass Report

Last week, I was copied on an email from a wood pellet producer to our colleague at the U.S. Energy Information Administration and PFI Annual Conference presenter, Connor Murphy. The member was urging Murphy to consider the inclusion of BBQ pellet production data in the EIA’s monthly work-up of the widely used and cited Monthly Densified Biomass Fuel Report. The report has become an important data set for producers and retailers alike to better understand wood pellet production, sales, fiber purchases and inventory levels. When the report (Form EIA-63C) was conceived in 2014, and finally authorized and launched in 2016, the BBQ pellet segment hadn’t yet reached the frenzied pace it enjoys today, likely representing a tiny fraction of current production. Now, the industry is recognizing that the BBQ market opportunity has the potential to impact press-time decisions, fiber availability, capital investment decisions and merger and acquisition activity. The producer asserted that any new market opportunity that can cause that kind of disruption in the sector warrants being more thoroughly quantified. I’m hopeful the EIA heeds that producer’s call, as I think they’ve built an incredible resource that offers producers great utility, and this would only serve to enhance its value. That said, the administration has a process staked out for how and when their vast array of data sets can be updated, and the inclusion and capture of this information may take some time add to the report. The challenge for producers is the BBQ opportunity is in an expansions phase, and it could be argued that good, reliable sector data is most useful during periods of expansion. 

Standards Committee Up and Active

The Pellet Fuels Institute’s Standards Committee is once again meeting monthly and the conversations are important. If you are a participating producer, I urge you to connect with me and get added to the meeting distribution list. The committee is working through an important discussion about how we take our message of certified product to retailers and consumers, how they both regard the program and what we all want our current quality mark to convey to retailers and consumers alike. Send me an email and I’ll gladly bring you in to the discussion.

Tim Portz 
Executive Director

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Industry News

Wood pellet industry going great guns (American Journal of Transportation) 

Despite the pandemic, wood pellets are hitting home with both domestic and international customers. The wood pellet industry is going great guns as the switch from hydrocarbons – particularly coal – to renewables is truly underway.
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Federal grant to fund wood pellet furnace installations in Leominster (Leominster Champion)

Maine Energy Systems, with facilities in both Maine and Massachusetts, is pleased to announce that it is a recent recipient of the Wood Innovations Grant from the U.S. Forest Service.
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The 4 Best Pellet Grills for Cooking and Smoking Perfect Meats at Home (Rolling Stone)  

Pellet grills (a.k.a. pellet smokers) are quickly becoming a backyard favorite of casual foodies and barbecue enthusiasts alike. And this surge in pellet smoker popularity isn’t surprising...
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Industry News

Timber companies, loggers see major damage from wildfires (Capital Press)

Oregon’s timber industry has sustained an enormous setback as massive wildfires continue to ravage forests across the state.

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The role of wood pellets in meeting climate change goals (Canadian Biomass) 

For decades, wood waste from manufacturing was burned in beehive burners and unwanted logs, branches and tops from harvesting were left on site, creating a fire and insect risk.

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Make logging great again (The Daily News)

As I walked through a wooded area the other day, I saw some beautiful, big old trees. I walked around admiring the beauty of the place, and then I looked down and saw some cute little tree sprouts.

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Pinnacle responds to Fibreco silo incident (Biomass Magazine)

Pinnacle Renewable Energy on Sept. 22 reported that in response to the disruption in service caused by the structural failure of a silo at the Fibreco Export Inc. shipping terminal in North Vancouver that occurred on Sept. 11, 2020, the company has temporarily diverted all pellet shipping activity to its wholly owned Westview shipping terminal in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

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