November 18, 2016

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PFI Standards Program Materials Available

Pellet season has begun, and with colder-than-normal temperatures forecasted, pellet manufacturers and retailers are preparing for a busy season.

As consumers and retailers focus on pellet purchases, we want to remind PFI members of the resources available to you to help you communicate about the PFI Standards Program and what it means for buyers.

One pager on the Standards Program: Our informational handout on the PFI Standards Program explains the program and its implications for pellet producers, retailers and stove manufacturers. It also lists the companies that have been qualified for the program, along with their websites.

One pager on the symbols found on pellet bags: We have created a one pager specifically explaining the various PFI logos and marks found on bags of pellets. It helps retailers distinguish the PFI Standards Program Quality Mark from other commonly used symbols. This handout is also ideal for printing off and distributing to customers or posting in a store.

Materials for members of the program: For qualified companies, we have created a marketing kit with suggested language for ensuring that customers and retailers are aware of your company's acceptance into the program and what it means. It also includes suggested language for websites.

If you are interested in distributing any of these materials, please contact Carrie Annand at [email protected]. If you are interested in joining the program, the first step is to visit PFI's Standards Program web pages to identify an accredited auditing agency. The agency will help you come up with a Quality Control manual and get you on the path to joining the program.

U.S. Forest Service and Softwood Lumber Board Open "Timber City" Exhibit in National Building Museum

Next time you visit Washington, DC, you may want to swing by the National Building Museum. The U.S. Forest Service has teamed up with the Softwood Lumber Board for Timber City, an excellent and informative exhibit on building with wood.

The exhibit explores the history of using and building with wood, as well as modern architecture and innovations that make tall wood buildings increasingly practical. Timber City also discusses bioenergy as an important part of harvesting, enabling the use of the whole tree rather than letting parts go to waste.

The National Building Museum will soon be holding guided tours of the exhibit, which will be open through May 2017. The U.S. Forest Service can help us arrange group tours as well.

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Industry News

Investors Build Wood Pellet Plant in Arkansas, Possible Spur for Northern Minnesota Economy 
Minneapolis Star Tribune
A group of International Falls businessmen will open a brand-new $230 million wood-pellet plant in Arkansas next week that could offer a blueprint for economic development in northern Minnesota.

Highland Pellets will begin churning out 600,000 metric tons of pellets per year for a wood-fired power plant in England. The company is run by, among others, Dennis Wagner, the president of Wagner Construction, and Marty Goulet, its chief financial officer.

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Save Money this Winter Using a Wood Pellet Stove 
Fox 17 - Michigan
Many people dread heating their homes due to the varying price of fuel. Whether you heat with natural gas, home heating oil or propane, if prices spike and the winter is severe, your bills skyrocket.

But there is another way that is getting more popular that is cheaper and fairly easy to use - fuel pellets.

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USIPA Kicks Off with Building Optimism for U.S. Producers Overseas 
Biomass Magazine
The 6th Annual U.S. Industrial Pellet Association conference kicked off in Miami Nov. 6 with a keynote panel moderated by chairman and CEO of Enviva John Keppler. Cross-Atlantic biomass perspectives were shared by Tom Tidwell, chief of the U.S. Forest Service; Bruce Westerman, U.S. Congressman; and Nigel Adams, U.K. Member of Parliament.

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Can Trump Learn to Love Biomass? 
Argus Media
The new US president has been chosen and it seems like it will spell the end for Obama's Clean Power Plan - something many in the biomass industry pinned a lot of hope on to help ignite a domestic industrial consumption market. So, what now for the US wood pellet market?

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