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November 25, 2020 

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From the Director's Desk: Thankful

Our country is appropriately carrying a somber mood into this Thanksgiving holiday. After months of working to control the COVID-19 pandemic and return to normalcy, Americans are finding their children returning to full-time distance learning, being advised to cancel travel plans for the holidays, and hearing of public health infrastructure under incredible strain. It is dispiriting to say the least. Add to that a summer of widespread social upheaval, a bitter national election, and personal financial uncertainty. It is no surprise that many Americans are wrestling with just how to celebrate on this strangest of years.

This morning, I received a voicemail from a member of our organization that brought into sharp focus how—in this season of uncertainty—it is important to recognize the blessings in your life where you find them. The message itself was straightforward enough. This member had offered PFI some graphic design help from the design professional within his organization. He offered a potential time, alerted me to an email seeking the same confirmation, and signed off by letting me know he was about to walk a grouse covert with his son. Upon closer inspection, contained within this 43 - second voicemail is more than enough for me to carry plenty of real gratitude into this weekend of Thanksgiving.

First, the voicemail reminded me that the volunteer spirit at PFI is very much alive. It isn’t lost on me that when we gather as a Board, as committees, or simply gather in one-on-one conversations on the phone, that there is only one person in the room (or on the phone) not volunteering their time and energy; me. Without the efforts of volunteers, trade associations—the PFI included—go nowhere. What’s more, this member offered the help of their organization before I could think to ask. Quite simply, a member saw a need and an opportunity to help and offered. If the PFI has accomplished, and will continue to accomplish anything, it has been and will be because capable volunteers identified an opportunity where they or their organization could add some value and made an effort to do so. To everyone who has volunteered their time and energy to the organization this year, thank you.

Second, the voicemail reminded me of the blessing of time spent in the natural world. Many of you know that I grew up hunting and continue to pursue fish and game when the opportunity presents itself. When COVID-19 descended in spring, so many of our shared pastimes were put on pause, but not time spent outdoors. Like many of you, I doubled down this year on time spent outdoors. With weekend calendars suddenly freed up from their pre-COVID plans, I spent time on rivers, lakes, wetlands and uplands with family and judging from the depleted shelves at sporting goods retailers I frequent, so did the rest of the country. 

Finally, the voicemail reminded me of the blessing of family. 2020 has been a strange year regarding family. Like most of you, I saw more of my household family this year than I ever would imagine possible. Except for two months of hybrid learning (two days at school, three at home), we’ve all been together in the house nearly every day since mid-March. Conversely, we haven’t seen much of our extended family over the same time span. Trips planned were cancelled, written off to “we’ll try again next year”. In this way, COVID-19 has helped me remember just how fragile and fleeting time spent with one another is.

I hope this Thanksgiving finds you and your family healthy. Early in the pandemic, our organization had some close calls with COVID-19 and I’m grateful those impacted recovered and have put the virus behind them. Please know that on Thursday, when I’m reflecting on those things that I have to be grateful for, I’ll be thinking of all of you, your contributions to this organization, your counsel, your time and your friendship. 

Tim Portz 
Executive Director

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