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December 10, 2021

From the Director's Desk:

We've Rousted Old Man Winter

As I write this, snow is falling in the Twin Cities and the outside temperature at noon (Tuesday, November 7) is 13 degrees. I make a regular practice of reviewing the cumulative heating degree days and have put together a rough index of the cities sprinkled throughout the pellet-burning regions of the United States. The goal is to provide a comprehensive look at how the heating season (as measured by heating degree days) compares to long-term averages. I selected the cities below as I thought together they covered the pellet burning bases pretty well. 

The index shows that HDDs lag long-term averages in each city. Each city (except Baker, OR) has gained on their long-term average, but still lag by an average of over 20%. I’ll include the PFI Index in the Pellet Wire for the remainder of the season. If you’ve got some thoughts on how I might enhance the PFI Index to make it more informative or helpful, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

The PFI Index

Heating Degree Days (YTD vs. norm)

Nov. 11, 2021

Dec. 4,  2021

Portland, ME

down 34%

down 21%

Grand Rapids, MI

down 41%

down 23%

Lewiston, MT

down 31%

down 20%

Harrisburg, PA

down 49%

down 25%

Rapid City, SD

down 26%

down 26%

Spokane, WA

down 22%

down 21%

Baker, OR

down 8%

down 9%

Wausau, WI

down 46%

down 30%

Sustainable from the Beginning

This week the Pellet Fuels Institute published a new marketing document, “Sustainable from the Beginning: 3 Facts About Wood Pellet Manufacturing and Use”.

This document outlines 3 important economic and environmental attributes of our industry. The document focuses on the value wood pellet manufacturing adds to residual wood fiber streams at upstream wood product manufacturing sites, the carbon beneficial aspects of pellet heating and the economic activity generated by retailers in downstream pellet sales. The document was conceived and refined by a sustainability working group chaired by Frank Kvietok (Lignetics).

The document’s target audience is local, state and federal officials and policymakers and is intended to bolster our and member efforts to more effectively educate that audience about the realities of wood pellet heating. The working group is developing other documents and outreach efforts for a wide range of audiences. To learn more about the sustainability working group and/or contribute to the effort, please contact Tim.

The Sustainable from the Beginning document and how-to-use instructions are available now on the PFI website.

—Tim Portz
Executive Director

Dansons Family of Brands

Photo of the Week:

One more from the 2021 Chairman's Tour: PFI Members Cory Schrock (Fiber By-Products) and Dane Floyd (Biomass Equipment & Engineering) toured the BE&E in Indianapolis during the Chairman’s tour earlier this fall. Thanks to Dane for welcoming us into his impressive operation.

Photo: Tim Portz

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