September 16, 2016

In this Week's Pellet Wire:

Changes to PFI Standards Program's Quality Mark Labels

PFI's Standards Program has recently made private labeling provisions for issuing additional registration numbers to qualified producers who are selling wood pellets to retailers or distributors who prefer not to list the producer.

As part of the Pellet Fuels Institute's Standards Program, a registration number is issued to each qualifying pellet fuel manufacturer. The registration number, along with the production facility information, is published on the PFI website, which provides a complete list of all production facilities qualified under the program. It was originally intended that only one registration number would be issued to each manufacturing facility; however, it was not anticipated that this would result in issues for retailers or distributors who sell wood pellets under their own private label. PFI's Standards Program has recently made provisions for issuing additional registration numbers to qualified producers who are selling wood pellets to retailers or distributors who require anonymity on behalf of the producer.

Please visit Pellet Mill Magazine to read an op-ed by Timber Products Inspection's Chris Wiberg explaining the labeling changes. 

Fall Policy Review

As Congress returns for a brief fall session before the elections, PFI remains focused on three key areas:

  1. Thermal Parity: Provisions adding "thermal energy" as a pathway for federal agencies and departments to use in meeting their renewable energy goals. Currently, the federal renewable energy purchase requirement codified by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 only allows federal entities to count renewable electricity toward their targets. We worked hard with our brethren in the solar and geothermal sectors to include language qualifying renewable thermal energy as a compliance option in both the Senate and House-passed versions. We are confident that any package that is sent to the President will include this provision. 
  2. Biomass: Language is included in the Senate-passed measure which would direct EPA, USDA and DOE to set up a process whereby sustainably-sourced, forest-based biomass energy would be considered carbon neutral in air quality and/or energy-related rulemakings or policy. We are working the conference process with our allies in the biomass energy space to: 1. Make sure a biomass directive makes it into any final conference package; and 2. Strengthen this language if possible to more closely resemble language in the Senate Interior Appropriations bill.   
  3. BTU Act: We also remain hopeful that the BTU Act provisions will be included in any year end tax extenders/spending bill will hit overdrive this fall.  

Visit PFI's Website to View Past Webinars

PFI has made its past webinars on the Standards Program publicly available on the front page of its website. The webinars contain valuable information for retailers, pellet producers and consumers on the PFI Standards Program - how to join, how to identify pellets from qualified producers, and why PFI chose to implement this important program.

These webinars were previously posted in the members' section behind a password. We encourage you to share them widely with retailers and other contacts to inform new audiences about the PFI Standards Program.

Please visit PFI's website to view the webinars. 


Register for Heating the Midwest

The 2016 Heating the Midwest conference is taking place October 11- 13 in the Upper Peninsula's Harris, Michigan. 

Established in 2011, Heating the Midwest represents more than 200 industry, government, non-profit, university and tribal organizations committed to increasing awareness, education and outreach for heating with biomass in the Midwest. We promote thermal biomass to a large constituency, including government policy makers and entities, institutions, municipalities, businesses and consumers. 

2016 is shaping up to be a great conference and we are hoping you are able to participate!


Have News to Share on Pellet Wire?

We'd love to feature your company's news in a future Pellet Wire! We want to be the first to know your company's recent developments to share them with the wider pellet fuels industry.

Please be in touch with Carrie Annand at [email protected] with information on your company's growth, job openings, promotions or other news. 

Join a PFI Committee

We welcome and encourage all interested PFI members to get involved in our committees. There are many opportunities to help steer the association. No matter where your expertise and interests lie, we have a committee that will suit you. Help us plan our next conference, shape our policy agenda, lead communications outreach or grow the PFI Standards Program. Visit PFI's website for more information.

Host an Event for Bioenergy Day 2016, Taking Place October 19

October 19, 2016, marks the Fourth Annual Bioenergy Day! Many pellet fuels manufacturers are planning facility tours and other events to emphasize the many economic and environmental benefits of bioenergy to elected officials, customers, the media and other stakeholders.

We urge anyone interested in building ties to their communities to consider hosting a Bioenergy Day event, either on your own or jointly with other bioenergy businesses or supporters in your region.  There are many resources available to help you plan, including a Participation Guide on the Bioenergy Day website. Previous participants are also willing to share best practices, lessons learned, and other tips to ensure a smooth and successful event. 

Thanks to many sponsors, including the U.S. Forest Service, and participants, Bioenergy Day has grown each year. Organizations across the country have engaged their communities on bioenergy, earning dozens of media stories and helping more people understand bioenergy. State and local governments, elected officials, universities and businesses have all recognized bioenergy in its many forms. Biomass power, domestic and export pellets, biogas, anaerobic digesters, combined heat and power - all of these types of bioenergy are part of Bioenergy Day.

To learn more, visit, or send an email to Carrie Annand at [email protected]


Upcoming Industry Events 

September 26-28, 2016: Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Technology & Equipment Expo

October 11-13, 2016: Heating the Midwest Conference & Expo

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