September 18, 2015

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PFI Conference Committee Seeks Your Input

The PFI Conference Committee seeks your valuable input on future PFI conferences. If you’ve attended the PFI Annual Conference in the past, or would like to in the future, please take a few moments to complete this brief survey. The survey will take you less than one minute, AND by responding you will be entered to win a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card

We’ve already received a great response – thanks to those who have shared their opinions! Please help the committee with its planning efforts today. 

Complete the PFI Annual Conference Survey

For more information on the PFI Annual Conference visit our website.  


Government Affairs Roundup

PFI to Hold Fall Fly-In in Washington, DC

Fall is one of the best times to be in Washington, DC-- the leaves are vibrant and the temperatures are cool—which creates the perfect backdrop for discussing the benefits of densified biomass.

The PFI Government Affairs Committee is making plans to hold a series of meetings on Capitol Hill with Members of Congress and federal agency officials to discuss a range of issues impacting the densified biomass industry.

These fly-ins serve as an excellent opportunity to meet with your representatives in Congress to educate them about your businesses, including issues affecting your business and employees directly. It’s also a time to rally support amongst government leaders, and network with others in the industry.

A date and agenda are being finalized, and we’ll update you on that in the next few weeks. A mid-November timeframe is anticipated.

In the interim, we hope you’ll consider making a trip to Washington to join your colleagues in a lobbying effort on Capitol Hill. No prior experience is necessary, and PFI will provide the tools and training to prepare you for the meetings.

Think you might be interested in attending? Contact PFI staff today.

Legislative and Regulatory Reports Available on PFI Website

Did you know that PFI members have access to weekly updates on legislative and regulatory developments in Washington, DC? Log-in to the the Members Only pages of the PFI website to review these documents.

Not a member of PFI? Contact PFI staff about how to join the association and access these member benefits. 


Biomass Magazine Column: PFI Updates Standards Program

At the PFI Annual Conference this summer, PFI announced several modifications to its standards program. For those of you who produce pellet fuel, I encourage you to take note of these program enhancements. 

The PFI Standards Program is a fuel-quality program requiring regular third-party audits of pellet manufacturing facilities. It is a voluntary program, though new EPA regulations are sure to impact the marketplace and the demand for fuel tested through a graded-fuel program.  

Read the full column by PFI Executive Director Jennifer Hedrick at Biomass Magazine

Register Your National Bioenergy Day Event

The Third Annual National Bioenergy Day, occurring on Wednesday, October 21st, is quickly approaching. 

National Bioenergy Day continues to grow, with more than 60 organizations participating, representing power, pellets and biofuels as well as universities and state governments. The U.S. Forest Service, along with the Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office, provides support for the annual day, along with a range of additional companies and organizations, including the Pellet Fuels Institute.  

Events will be held across the country to highlight the use of bioenergy. Consider hosting a tour at your facility to educate those in your community about the benefits of pellets. 

Please visit to register your National Bioenergy Day event and to view the National Bioenergy Day video just released!

Health Benefits, Cost Savings Show Renewables Make Good Policy Sense

There are so many indisputable facts that support the development of renewable energy and the implementation of energy efficiency measures – more jobs, fewer emissions, improved energy security. But the point that is likely to be the most resonant with policy makers is the bottom line. There is nothing an elected official likes more than to tell constituents of his or her efforts to save taxpayers money.

So recent research published online in Nature Climate Change should generate some attention among those who have the job of developing energy policy, whether it’s at the federal, state or local levels. Conducted by analysts at Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment, the study shows that renewable energy and energy efficiency projects save millions in health care costs. 

Read more on the 25x25 Blog.  

Upcoming Industry Events 

  • September 20-22: 5th Annual USIPA Exporting Pellets Conference
  • October 21: 3rd Annual National Bioenergy Day
  • October 27-29: West Statewide Wood Energy Team Meeting 2015
  • November 3-5: WPAC AGM 2015
  • February 24-26, 2016: World Sustainable Energy Days 2016

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Industry News

FutureMetrics releases dashboard on demand for co-firing
Biomass Magazine
On Sept. 7, FutureMetrics provided a new dashboard analyzing and calculating industrial wood pellet demand for U.S. power plants under various cofiring scenarios.

The dashboard user can select one or many states to analyze with a number of user inputs. The dashboard estimates how many tons of pellets a state—or the number of states the user wishes to select—will demand with coal in their pulverized-coal power plants. The buttons on the left side of the main input page allow those selections. The dashboard allows the user to select from any of the U.S. states for inclusion in a cofiring strategy.

Besides the number of states, the user can change the assumed proportion of power plants that cofire and allow other inputs to be changed to investigate different scenarios. The assumed proportion of power plants that cofire is set at a default 10 percent.

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Does bioenergy have a green future in the U.S.?
The Conversation 
Bio-derived sources of energy – wood, grass, dung and alcohol – have a rich history yet have failed to command the “buzz” of solar, wind or even geothermal in public discussions regarding renewable energy.

Even worse, for some, “bio” conjures images of clear-cutting forests, dead zones in our waterways, “food-versus-fuel” or additional carbon emissions – the opposite of sustainable development.

In reality, bio-based energy has the largest market presence, involves the most stakeholders and currently has the greatest economic impact of any renewable energy industry sector.

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Wood stove swap-out available in Butte County
ChicoER News
Applications are now being accepted for the final year of a program to help Butte County residents swap out old wood-burning stoves for newer models that produce far less smoke.

The Butte County Air Quality Management District will be issuing vouchers toward the cost of removing an older wood stove or fireplace insert for a Environmental Protection Agency-certified wood, pellet or gas appliance.

The vouchers will not cover the full cost of the replacement. They provide $1,000 toward the cost of a new wood stove, and $1,750 for a new gas or pellet stove.

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