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April 26, 2019 

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Executive Director's Notes - My Northwest Passage

This week I was the guest of past Pellet Fuels Institute chairman Stan Elliot from Pacific Coast Pellets on a four-day tour of some of the pellet manufacturing and pellet appliance retailing sites in Washington and Oregon. It was hoped that the whirlwind tour would simultaneously allow me to darken the door of our members in the region, visit arguably the most successful pellet appliance retailer in the Pacific Northwest and reach out to producers in the region not currently onboard the PFI bus. I’m happy to report the trip was successful on all counts.

Our trip began at the Pacific Coast Pellets facility in Shelton, Washington. The facility processes 100% Douglas Fir, a feedstock found throughout the pellet manufacturing infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest and adored by producers and consumers alike for its low-ash, high-Btu properties. Like all of the other facilities we visited throughout the week, Pacific Coast Pellets was operating and in the early stages of rebuilding inventories that were completely depleted by a robust, high-demand heating season. In my conversations with Stan leading up to our trip he shared with me that he was receiving and fulfilling orders well into April this year, effectively shortening his inventory building timeframe. My trip revealed that Pacific Coast Pellet’s experience was not unique.

Peppered throughout our travels were stops at three different Coastal Farm & Ranch retail stores. In 2017 while still writing for Pellet Mill Magazine, I wrote this story on the regional retailer and their importance to the pellet heating supply chain in Washington and Oregon. What the 17-location retailer has accomplished with its hearth-center-within-a-store concept is impressive and a vital part of the market growth occurring in the region. Essentially Coastal Farm & Ranch has deployed a specialty hearth store in the middle of the classic farm and ranch retail outlet, complete with a knowledgeable staff and a wide selection of wood, pellet and gas appliances. In four days I visited Coastal stores in Yakima and Albany, Washington and Auburn, Oregon. At each location I was blown away by the experience and tenure of the professionals working in the hearth department. Also of great interest to me was the retail space dedicated to pellet barbecues and accessories.

I wrapped up my trip this morning with a stop at the Lignetics production facility in Brownsville, Oregon – an impressive 100,000 ton-plus production facility. Just like Pacific Coast Pellets, the team at Brownsville is working diligently to lay in inventory in anticipation of a 2019-20 heating season that will find retailers and consumers ready to begin replenishing their depleted inventories.

A special thanks to Stan Elliot and Pacific Coast Pellets for hosting me and showing me the ropes in this beautiful and important pellet producing and burning region.

—Tim Portz
Executive Director

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With the new incentives, we can greatly increase the use of biomass thermal whether it is wood pellets, wood chips or firewood for homes, schools, municipal buildings, and small businesses using locally produced wood. Utilizing more junk wood from our forests will improve forestry and create real green jobs. ...

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