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October 16, 2020 

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From the Director's Desk: Here We Go

The last two weeks of weather in the Upper Midwest have been about as good as it gets. Last week it was 83 degrees in Minneapolis with temperatures falling off quickly once the sun set delivering that perfect “sleeping weather” everyone likes to talk about. The most recent forecast suggests that these perfect days are on their way out and will be replaced by more normal seasonal temperatures; pellet burning temperatures.

While pellet burning end users may not yet feel like the 2020-21 heating season is underway, wood pellet retailers are buying and selling significant volumes. Next week the EIA will refresh their Monthly Densified Biomass Fuel Report bringing their 2020 data set current through July.

The accumulated data so far shows that our industry, despite the COVID-19 disruption and challenges is expecting and poised for a big year. Production in the first half of the year flirted with nearly 1 million tons and the summertime buying from retailers that producers have been hoping to see for years is finally happening. In the two month May-June timeframe producers sold 328,000 tons of pellets, the most in that two month stretch in the report’s 5-year history by a wide margin. Just last year that same time period saw producers move nearly 100,000 tons less at 238,000 tons.

These strong sales contribute to strong cash-flow positions with manufacturers and producers are using that cash flow to procure more fiber and make more pellets. Residual purchases in 2020 through June total 6.8 million tons, another new report record.
We’ll leave what the data tells us for the next edition of Pellet Wire but I haven’t heard anything in the past several months that lead me to believe the 2020 trend toward near record high production and sales numbers will be interrupted.

Market Making Across the Pond

Last week I signed up for and attended some of the Argus Biomass Conference, rebranded and reformatted this year as Argus Biomass Live – Virtual Conference. My interests were two-fold. First, I was curious to see how someone else deployed a virtual conference and how the platform they chose functioned. Second, I wanted to a deep dive into the wood pellet market from a global perspective.

While the conference agenda featured mostly discussions about the industrial wood pellet market, I was delighted to find and watch an entire panel dedicated to a discussion around the prospects for the heating market in Europe. Very quickly I was reminded of some stark differences between the European market drivers and our own here in the United States. Specifically, I was surprised to learn that the sale and installation of heating oil boilers, a heating technology that wood pellets compete with in the northeast, would be banned in France in 2022 and Germany by 2026. There is a case study for how this impacts wood pellet consumption already, in Italy where per capita wood pellet consumption is among the world’s highest.

Each country has devised its own support programs to help its citizens cover the cost of installing a non-oil technology and the panelists were already reporting strong appliance sales in both France and Germany.

While the sudden boom in pellet appliance sales is enviable, I doubt that kind of government manipulation in home heating markets would be tolerated here in the U.S. regardless of who’s boat was being floated or sunk.

This will be an interesting development to watch. Will these prohibitions on heating oil lead to a massive uptick in wood pellet consumption, or will other emerging competing technologies like heat pumps steal the show?

Tim Portz 
Executive Director

Socially Distant Congressional Outreach: U.S. Representative Warren Davidson (OH-8) (second from left) speaks with team members from BDL Supply and Easy Heat Wood Pellets during a recent visit to their South Charleston, Ohio facility. 

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